A letter from Managing Director, Frankie Karacochi


The brand was created in 2010 and established the day I was borm 10.09.1980. Born a wide boy, a modern day Del Boy, as my mum would say.

Back in 2004 I had been part of a brand called ‘Streetz Clothing’, which did well at the time, a massive learning curve, as myself I have no qualifications in design or art whatsoever, but what I do have is the art and skill of selling and communication with people, which I know is needed to do my own brand.

So, in 2010 after a year of deciding and developing, building brand awareness I chose to make flat caps. I launched four different coloured styles. You can imagine launching a brand in the middle of a recession is crazy but me not being a gambler or a risk taker as such, I went for it. I was told by people you are mad, nothing will come of it and nobody will wear it.

Sticking to my guns I went ahead built our first website and even managed to get a very good family friend, Vas Blackwood to help us out and do an advert. Me being the salesman that I am I had no choice but to try whatever means possible to sell these caps, the brand was sold from the boot of my car, the odd market stall, if I could tolerate the weather, but then all that cold calling I did within the comfort of my house started to pay off, what I didn’t take into consideration was the days I spent waiting in the cold for either the buyers, the managers or the owners.

Now cold calling is something I hate, being done to myself, but these people clearly enjoyed the way I spoke to them as 90% of the stores that I was able to get the brand into all said we don’t normally listen to any cold callers, let alone give them a meeting, but I knew that a meeting was all I needed.

The first six stores that was able to put my caps in were; Refuel, Manhattan, Hype, Swagga, Roberto Gerrards, Made Man Clothing.

Whom I can only thank as six went to eight then to twelve, it was only a matter of working a bit harder, I love being in independent boutique stores. I was looking for a chain, a brand, a monster, I had set my sights on getting my brand in one big branded store and that was the store I shopped at as a young teenager, and that being Zee & Co. Which over 25 years in the retail industry and me coming from Islington, no better feeling than seeing my cap on the shop floor of Zee & Co. Upper Street, Angel that’s where I needed to be, so, I made it happen!

I cold called these people so much at one point I think they came close to swearing at me, my persistence and genuine self-belief that my product would sell!!!

So, my chance was given back in 2010, a new brand with no history at all but I’m the history behind the cap that was made by me for me, now for people like me. I went on to do a one-off cap that was only exclusively to W.B Threads and Zee & Co stores.

Our relationship has grown over the years, allowing me to showcase my brand with some of the bigger named brands in the world. Once Zee & Co took interest all sorts started happening. I was approached one day coming out of a meeting was told that an American company is looking to launch their heritage brand and are looking to do a collaboration with a British headwear brand, this brand I’d already heard of a brand that has been trading since 1904 called Mitchell & Ness. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to launch for different style caps with them, using my style and pattern and using their fabric. We called these caps the history cap as no one has never done flat cap with them.

Today my caps are in stores and also can be bought online. I am constantly trying to better the brand by trying new styles designs and using different fabrics.

To everyone that believes in W.B Threads, thank you and never forget perseverance always pays off, for every door shut there will always be a door to be open but you need to persevere and turn every NO into a YES!

I use a slogan that was given to me by my grandfather, ‘When boys get money, they think they’re men, but when they’ve done their money, they are boys again.’


Frankie Karacochi