W.B Threads is about British heritage and culture. A cap that can be worn at any occasion from golf courses, to football terraces this cap is fast becoming a man’s new best friend. The flat cap style has been around since the 14th century, and today in the 21st century the style hasn’t changed one bit.

Established in 1980, well, to be precise 10 of September 1980 the birth of myself, a born wide boy, the modern age Del Boy as my mum calls me. For nearly thirty years now flat caps have been a big part of my life, pictured from the age of two wearing one, being one of three Frankie’s in my family the flat cap tradition has literally been passed from great grandfather to grandfather to me with probably over 90 years between the three of us with a passion for the flat cap.

I knew that one day I’d have something to do with something that has played a big part of my life. So when the opportunity came around that I was in a position to set up a brand I automatically jumped at the chance. I had the vision in my head but when it came to putting it onto paper I have no experience or qualifications what so ever, so I started designing and sketching what I came up with was OK but, from a little help and encouragement the W.B Threads cap was simply born, the unique style and pattern, and fabric gives it the edge into the 21st century not taking any of its history or heritage  away what so ever, merely giving it a revamp, with a 19th century front and more fitted up to date back that completely snuggs the back of your head beautifully.